Vanilla Ores

Almost all of the protection stones.

Protection stones (Prostones, or ps) are ores that protect your region. They're useful for preventing house destruction (Griefers, creepers, endermen, etc). They'll become prostones when the player lays the ore down. You can hide it with /ps hide, and show it with /ps show. Protection stones, when placed by the player, will protect their region. The strength relys on the value/rarity of the ore. They can be obtained with silk touch (when mining), or can be purchased at shops.


Here's a list of commands for prostones:

/ps info members|owner|flags|region
2013-07-26 14.11.02

Example of a protection stone.

/ps add/remove

/ps addowner/removeowner <Player name>

/ps flag (flagname) (setting/null)

/ps hide/unhide

/ps toggle

/ps view

/ps reclaim

/ps priority (number/null)

/ps region count/list/remove/regen/disown <Player name>

/ps admin (version/settings/hide/unhide/cleanup/lastlogon/lastlogons/stats)


Prostones can't be placed in protected areas, just like other blocks (Unless you're in that region).

  • Chests, and tile entities can't be used by anyone not in your region.

When you start out in Aceville, you get a Lapis Lazuli ore for free, a protection stone.

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