It's so epic, even the name sounds awesome!


Aceville as we know it. (Or as I see it. :D)

Aceville is a Minecraft server created by (Or modeled after...) Aviatorgaming. It consists of many towns and cities to explore and create. This server has 3 in-game purchasable ranks: Spitfire, Concorde, and Apollo. You also spawn in (you guessed it) Aceville (Town).


Here's a list of major warps (As far as I know):

/warp aceville

  • /warp mobs

/warp skycity

/warp acevilleend

/warp witherville

/warp arena

  • /ma join (Alternative)

/warp market

/warp mobfarm

Protection StonesEdit

Protection stones (Also known as prostones, or simply ps) are ores that protect your region. Here's a list of commands (That I know so far):

/ps hide

/ps unhide

/ps remove <Username>

/ps add <Username>

Prostones can be purchased in shops (OF COURSE!).

Here's a list of prostones (From weakest to strongest):

Coal ore

Lapis lazuli ore

Diamond ore

Emerald ore (Un-tested)


Jobs are (As you expect) easy ways to get currency.

You can join them with /jobs join <Hunter, miner, carpenter, brewer, etc>.


Shops are a way of spending your hard-earned cash, and they're almost always out of stock! You can make one by placing stuff in a chest (The same item of course.), and placing down a sign above it saying:


<Amount you want to sell (Up to 64)>

B <Amount of cash you want others to spend>

<Item in the chest>


This server uses Bukkit 1.6.2 (Kinda obvious!)

The server is modeled by AviatorGaming, an obvious youtuber.

If you do /jobs join hunter, do /ma join, and choose tank as your class, you can get an easily earned large amount of cash.

Discussions about AcevilleEdit